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In May, my college friend Christine decided to marry her sweetheart John, who is perhaps one of the funniest grooms that I've ever worked with. He kept the jokes coming all through the day. That's only if you could look away for one minute from Christine's show-stopping gown! Despite a few mid-day rain showers, these two and their bridal party kept us laughing! 

After very lovely catholic ceremony, Christine and John had a sundae booth outside the church entrance for guests to enjoy. So guests began their day with a treat, and then went over to Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium for a fun time with all the animals. We were able to catch the lions and polar bears enjoying their evening outside, as well as the super adorable sea otters. The night was certainly one to remember!





































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Ashley + Rob: The Studio on Fifth October 19, 2013 - Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

I have known Ashley and Rob for many years - as well as Ashley's entire family it seems! Believe it or not, I actually saw my first concert EVER (N'Sync) with Ashley at Starlake Ampitheater many years ago! Of course I was actually attending with her cousin, Elizabeth Elias (my best friend at the time), but the whole Cycak family was there. Back in November 2008, I had the privilege to capture video at Ashley's sister (Lauren)'s wedding, which gave way to Lauren's son, Ryan, being the ring bearer at Ashley & Rob's wedding (the cute 2-year old).

Although Ashley wasn't dating Rob at the time of the concert, I do know that these two have been together for a very, very long time (~11 years!) They met in 10th grade through a mutual friend (at our high school in Greensburg, Hempfield Area Senior High School), but went in different directions until senior year when the two crossed paths again. After they both graduated, Ashley and Rob began to date and have been together ever since! 

Ashley and Rob would like to thank all of their family and friends who have played an important part in making their beautiful wedding day come together! Now they are finally married - and I had the privilege to photograph the occasion! The day began in a room at the Westin Hotel and Convention Center in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Lauren's son, Ryan, served as the Ring Bearer - so cute!

Father of the Bride, Jack Cycak, reviews the day's itinerary.

A lovely shot of Rob with his mother, Cindy.

For the wedding ceremony, we made our way to Smithfield United Church of Christ (a gorgeous venue), just a few blocks away.

Ashley and Jack looking great as they make their way up the aisle.

At Lauren's wedding in 2008, the Cycak family showed me how to REALLY do a money dance - and didn't fail to disappoint at Ashley's wedding! Ashley was surrounded by family and friends as Rob attempted to push through the crowd to get to his bride. What a fun tradition!

I am so happy to continue capturing memories for the Cycaks as their family grows. A HUGE shootout to Mona, Jack, Lauren, & Chris for being so gracious and wonderful every time we're together! And the BIGGEST shootout to Ashley & Rob: I love you both dearly, and wish you a lifetime of luck and happy memories! 


Ceremony Venue: Smithfield United Church of Christ

Reception Venue: Studio on Fifth (WQED)

Photography: Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC

Cake: Grandma's Bakery at Schramm's

DJ: Ian Coyle (DJ Cai): 724-681-5429

Hair/Makeup: Glamour Girls

Bride's Hair: Kim Kent of 1st Impressions

Dress Shop: Alfred Angelo

Florist: Brides and Butterflies

Wedding Coordinator: Caristia, owned by Cara Svetkovich


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Jody + Sean: Hyeholde Restaurant & The Round Room September 21, 2013 - Moon Township, PA


Do you remember, the 21st night of September? It was perhaps the luckiest wedding day anyone could ever have due to the extensive downpours of rain throughout the day - but my dear friends Jody and Sean didn't let a little rain stop them from having the time of their lives! It was absolutely a night to remember (and, that Earth, Wind, & Fire song "September" was their very appropriate reception entrance song!)  

There are so many elements that made this day special. First and foremost, the venue, Hyeholde Restaurant & The Round Room, provided top-notch service and picturesque scenery (it looks like a castle). The rich backstory of this historic landmark, built in 1927, makes it an opportune location for a marriage celebration. Upbeat Entertainment kept the dance floor moving, and Cakes By Tammy created their lovely wedding cake. Jody's hair was done by Salon La-Te-Da, and flowers were provided by Dormont Floral Designs.

I've known Jody for roughly the entire time I've considered myself a professional photographer. Our relationship began in 2007 when I interned in the Corporate Communications department at PNC Bank in downtown Pittsburgh. I first met Sean during an outing w/Jody to Molly Brannigan's in Mt. Lebanon - back when Jody was still crushing on him. The two of them have dated ever since, and I believe it to be a very successful match! I am so happy to call both Jody and Sean my close friends, and look forward to celebrating our wedding anniversaries roughly 1 month apart for the rest of our lives! 

2013-11-20_00262013-11-20_0026 2013-11-21_00022013-11-21_0002 2013-11-20_00032013-11-20_0003 2013-11-21_00032013-11-21_0003 2013-11-20_00042013-11-20_0004 2013-11-20_00052013-11-20_0005 2013-11-20_00062013-11-20_0006 2013-11-20_00072013-11-20_0007 2013-11-20_00082013-11-20_0008 2013-11-20_00092013-11-20_0009 2013-11-20_00102013-11-20_0010 2013-11-20_00122013-11-20_0012 2013-11-20_00112013-11-20_0011 2013-11-20_00132013-11-20_0013 2013-11-20_00142013-11-20_0014 2013-11-20_00152013-11-20_0015 2013-11-20_00182013-11-20_0018 2013-11-20_00162013-11-20_0016 2013-11-20_00172013-11-20_0017 2013-11-20_00192013-11-20_0019 2013-11-20_00202013-11-20_0020 2013-11-20_00212013-11-20_0021 2013-11-20_00222013-11-20_0022 2013-11-20_00282013-11-20_0028 2013-11-20_00242013-11-20_0024 2013-11-21_00082013-11-21_0008 2013-11-20_00272013-11-20_0027 2013-11-20_00292013-11-20_0029 2013-11-20_00302013-11-20_0030 2013-11-20_00312013-11-20_0031 2013-11-21_00112013-11-21_0011 2013-11-20_00352013-11-20_0035 2013-11-20_00362013-11-20_0036 2013-11-20_00372013-11-20_0037 2013-11-20_00382013-11-20_0038 2013-11-20_00392013-11-20_0039 2013-11-20_00402013-11-20_0040 2013-11-20_00452013-11-20_0045 2013-11-20_00412013-11-20_0041 2013-11-21_00122013-11-21_0012 2013-11-20_00462013-11-20_0046 2013-11-20_00432013-11-20_0043 2013-11-20_00442013-11-20_0044

Congratulations to Jody & Sean. May you enjoy a marriage full of happiness, peace, understanding, love, and endless luck! 

Vendor Recap:

Venue: Hyeholde Restaurant & The Round Room

DJ: Upbeat Entertainment

Cake: Cakes By Tammy 

Salon: Salon La-Te-Da

Flowers: Dormont Floral Designs

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Raise Your Paddle for the Mattress Factory October 10, 2013 - The Mattress Factory Art Museum

Have you ever been to a real live auction? Frankly, my only experience with auctions before this event was eBay and the various silent auctions that happen at galas and such.

Earlier this month, the Mattress Factory art museum (my FAVORITE museum to visit in Pittsburgh) asked me to photograph their Anniversary Art Auction, which happens every five years. The event was highly successful, bringing in large commissions for some absolutely stunning works of art. What a great way for the museum to celebrate their 35th anniversary! 

2013-10-28_00022013-10-28_0002 2013-10-28_00012013-10-28_0001 2013-10-28_00032013-10-28_0003 2013-10-28_00052013-10-28_0005 2013-10-28_00072013-10-28_0007 2013-10-28_00042013-10-28_0004 2013-10-28_00062013-10-28_0006 2013-10-28_00102013-10-28_0010 2013-10-28_00092013-10-28_0009 2013-10-28_00162013-10-28_0016 2013-10-28_00112013-10-28_0011 2013-10-28_00122013-10-28_0012 2013-10-28_00172013-10-28_0017 2013-10-28_00182013-10-28_0018 2013-10-28_00222013-10-28_0022 2013-10-28_00212013-10-28_0021 2013-10-28_00242013-10-28_0024 2013-10-28_00232013-10-28_0023 2013-10-28_00252013-10-28_0025 2013-10-28_00262013-10-28_0026 2013-10-28_00272013-10-28_0027 2013-10-28_00202013-10-28_0020 2013-10-28_00192013-10-28_0019

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Candace & Todd: All Around Pittsburgh Wedding August 17, 2013 - Pittsburgh, PA


Todd and Candace traveled all the way from Shippensburg to be with family and friends for their wedding in Pittsburgh. Candace and Todd met in 2010 while working together as TSS for autistic youth at the Franklin Learning Center.

Their love story begins there and continues as Todd asked Candace to marry him while ice skating at PPG Place. We shot their engagement photos last December at PPG Ice Rink, which you can check out here: Candace & Todd's Downtown Engagement.

Candace & Todd Fun Facts: Candace, at one point in her career, worked at Disney World (sounds like fun!). Todd is known for his outstanding basketball skills -awarded for scoring over 1000 points in his college basketball career! 

The couple's gorgeous wedding day (perfect weather, might I add) began with a musically-rich ceremony at Missionary Temple Ministries in East Liberty.

2013-10-09_00012013-10-09_0001 2013-10-09_00032013-10-09_0003


2013-10-09_00062013-10-09_0006 2013-10-09_00072013-10-09_0007


2013-10-09_00092013-10-09_0009 2013-10-09_00122013-10-09_0012 2013-10-09_00102013-10-09_0010

2013-10-09_00112013-10-09_0011 2013-10-09_00132013-10-09_0013

2013-10-09_00142013-10-09_0014 2013-10-09_00152013-10-09_0015

2013-10-10_00012013-10-10_0001 2013-10-09_00162013-10-09_0016

2013-10-09_00172013-10-09_0017 2013-10-09_00182013-10-09_0018 2013-10-09_00202013-10-09_0020 2013-10-09_00212013-10-09_0021 2013-10-09_00192013-10-09_0019

After a bubble send-off, the couple jumped in the limo and headed off to the first part of their reception, held at Central Baptist Church.


2013-10-09_00242013-10-09_0024 2013-10-09_00232013-10-09_0023 2013-10-09_00252013-10-09_0025 2013-10-09_00262013-10-09_0026

At Central Baptist, the guests enjoyed light refreshments, cake, and many of the traditional wedding events - although it was anything but traditional having both the guys and the girls so anxious to catch the bouquet and garter.

Once these festivities were completed, the couple and their closest family and friends traveled once more to Hyde Park, a steakhouse on the North Side. Candace changed into her cute purple shoes, and we photographed the bridal party in the lovely area right beside the restaurant.


2013-10-09_00282013-10-09_0028 2013-10-09_00292013-10-09_0029 2013-10-09_00302013-10-09_0030 2013-10-09_00312013-10-09_0031 2013-10-09_00322013-10-09_0032 2013-10-09_00332013-10-09_0033 2013-10-09_00342013-10-09_0034 2013-10-09_00352013-10-09_0035

As we were finishing Candace & Todd's portraits, the Pirates game was just letting out - little did they know that we'd soon be off to the Playoffs!  2013-10-09_00362013-10-09_0036 2013-10-09_00382013-10-09_0038 2013-10-09_00372013-10-09_0037 2013-10-09_00392013-10-09_0039 2013-10-09_00402013-10-09_0040 2013-10-09_00412013-10-09_0041

At the end of the night, Candace & Todd did two "exit shots" - one with sparklers and one with Chinese lanterns. The next day, they traveled off to Cancun for a week of paradise! 

A Very Special Shoutout: To Candace's Aunt Debbie (a.k.a. Debbie Moncrief of Missionary Temple Ministries), who graciously helped the couple pull together their wedding plans remotely in Pittsburgh when they couldn't be here. 

First Dance Song: "A Couple of Forevers" by Chrisette Michele

Makeup: Bride's friend Lynnell

Church: Missionary Temple Ministries

Large Reception: Central Baptist Church

Dinner: Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse


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Joe & Julia: Mellon Park Engagement Photos October 07, 2013 - Mellon Park, Pittsburgh, PA


On a delightful, beautifully overcast Sunday evening, a few things were happening in Mellon Park:

1 - A wedding.

2 - A family photography session.

3 - Joe & Julia's engagement photos!

Despite the other events, Mellon Park is full of fabulous places for photos!

Joe & Julia are some dear friends of mine, and are set to be married this May! In a nutshell: Joe and Julia are high school sweethearts that can make each other laugh on cue (which you will see further down this post).

2013-10-07_00012013-10-07_0001 2013-10-07_00032013-10-07_0003 2013-10-07_00022013-10-07_0002 2013-10-07_00042013-10-07_0004 2013-10-07_00092013-10-07_0009 2013-10-07_00072013-10-07_0007 2013-10-07_00102013-10-07_0010

2013-10-07_00142013-10-07_0014 2013-10-07_00122013-10-07_0012 2013-10-07_00112013-10-07_0011


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A Preview of Liz & Josh's Sweet Summer Ceremony June 15, 2013 - Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA

Here's a preview of the beautiful coral and teal wedding that Liz & Josh planned from afar (Chicago, IL). Full blog post soon to come!



2013-07-03_0013 2013-07-03_0014 2013-07-03_0015 2013-07-03_0016 2013-07-03_0017 2013-07-03_0023 2013-07-03_0025 2013-07-03_0018

2013-07-03_0019 2013-07-03_0020 2013-07-03_0021 2013-07-03_0022 2013-07-03_0024 (c) 2013 Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC 
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Ali & Mike's Neon Nuptials - A Preview May 25, 2013 - Greensburg, PA

A preview of Ali & Mike's wedding at Waterworks Greensburg. Stay tuned for a full highlight of Ali and Mike's fabulous neon wedding! 

2013-06-30_0002 2013-06-30_0005 2013-06-30_0001 2013-06-30_0008



2013-06-30_0003 2013-06-30_0007 (c) 2013 Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC 
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Dope & Natural January Meet Up Event January 5, 2013 - Lawrenceville - Pittsburgh, PA

Early last month, an organization called Dope & Natural Pittsburgh approached Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC to cover their Meet Up Event at 720 Music, Clothing and Cafe.

Dope & Natural Pittsburgh's mission is to be an outlet for men and women to celebrate their hair in its natural state through educational programming, events, & community service. The ladies (and a few men!) shared stories on "going natural" with their hair. I must say, they sure know what they're talking about too. All of them were such beautiful women to photograph! 


720 Music, Clothing and Cafe, located at 4405 Butler St. in Lawrenceville. 
2013-02-07_0007 2013-02-07_0019 2013-02-07_0016 2013-02-07_0006 2013-02-07_0012 2013-02-07_0018 2013-02-07_0004
Rukiya & Araina lead Dope & Natural Pittsburgh
The owners of 720 Music, Clothing and Cafe, and their staff.
2013-02-07_0010 After playing Trivia, some amazing prize bags were raffled off!
The entire Dope & Natural Pittsburgh group! 
Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 2.27.59 PM

Be sure to join the ladies during February for one of these two upcoming events at Mad Mex, and again at 720 Music, Clothing and Cafe. Be sure to  "Like" Dope & Natural Pittsburgh on Facebook to show them some support! 

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Todd-a-palooza Family Portraits January 12, 2013 - New Stanton, PA

This fantastic group of people is the Todd family -  known for their outrageous get-togethers, hilarious White Elephant gifts, and rapid population growth! Shown in the photo below are all of the original Todd children, their spouses, kids, and grandkids - all the way down to the newborn Ella Grace! The only one person missing is Zach, who was unable to make it out to Toddapalooza last weekend, but we love him all the same! 

Also shown are some of my favorite individual family shots taken that evening. You can tell we really had some fun with this.

I am proud to call myself part of this family. A special thanks to Deb Todd (my Aunt Deb) for coordinating! 

2013-01-20_0001 2013-01-20_0002 2013-01-20_0006 2013-01-20_0003



I'm most closely related to this group - featuring my Aunt Deb, Uncle Paul, cousins Keith and Brandon, their spouses Jen & Jamie, and their kids Brady, Kenzie, Angel, Ben & Zach (not pictured). 

View all the photos from Todd-a-Palooza in the online gallery.


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Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement with Candace & Todd December 28, 2012 - Downtown Pittsburgh

While visiting family in Pittsburgh for the Christmas season, Candace and Todd had us shoot their engagement portraits in Downtown Pittsburgh. To commemorate Todd's amazing proposal on the PPG Ice Rink last winter, we traveled there to begin our session.

These two have so much love for each other, they made my job easy!  I just photographed their natural poses as they lovingly enjoyed each other's company and warmth among the frigid winter air.   


2013-01-07_0012 2013-01-07_0003 2013-01-07_0004 2013-01-07_0005 2013-01-07_0008 2013-01-07_0006

Candace and Todd will be married on August 17, 2013 in Shippensburg, PA. Many congratulations to them throughout their lives together! 
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Year-End Holiday Special December 11, 2012 - Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA

It's that time of year for holiday specials, and Bridgett Kay Photography wants to make sure you get all the prints and photo products on your list this season!  


Order now thru Dec.31st and save $5 on your purchase of $25 or more.

Use Coupon Code: holidayfive


Find your online gallery here:

If you need help logging into your online gallery, please contact me at 


Accomplish your New Year's "resolution" by ordering your prints by the end of the year! (a cheap pun, but I think it fits well!)

From my family to yours, I wish you a wonderful holiday season! 


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Summer Changes Everything October 22 - 24, 2012 - Pittsburgh, PA

You've been hearing a lot these days how important it is for America to enhance its education system and bring skilled professionals into our workforce. I used to think that this would be a problem that universities would handle; offering better post-high school education that taught solid skills students could carry with them through their career. 

However, my thought process has changed entirely as a result of photographing the National Summer Learning Association's conference at the Westin Convention Center Hotel this October. Having spent three days among the country's top educators and education advisors, I now understand how important it is to enhance and nurture our involvement in educating our young people throughout their educational careers, especially during the summer months when the "learning achievement gap" sets in to essentially delete part of the child's learning achievements from the previous school year.  

NSLA2012Conference 279

I'll be honest - my first impression upon hearing the words "summer school" was pretty much, "Are they STILL trying to take away childhood from children, making them go to school year-round?" I was very fearful of that as a child, thinking falsely that my summers spent running around outside in the sunshine would forever be taken from me. Until I realized -  what if summer school was actually really fun and actually gave me a boost me when I went back to school that fall? Ultimately, the time spent during regular school months would then be easier.

The statistics are astounding. Research shows that most students lose two months of grade level equivalency in math computational skills during the summer months. Not to mention that students from low-income families lose more than two months of reading achievement. 

NSLA2012Conference 283

In addition, access to adequate nutrition, supervision, and engaging activities lacks for many children once school is out, leading to an increase in weight gain for these students in the summer (ultimately contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic).

Due to the intrigue of technology and the tendency for children to stay indoors and play video games all day, as well as access to any food in the house during that time - I'd say this statistic is probably pretty accurate. (Note: To be clear, I am not hating on gamers, but child gamers without good parents may never get off the couch.)

NSLA2012Conference 205

And so, the National Summer Learning Association has converted another skeptic on summer learning into a promoter on the issue. Having awesome summer programs that keep our nation's children (at ALL income levels) engaged, educated, eating right, and constantly achieving is a goal that is important to our future, our children's future, and the future of our planet. 

We must seize the opportunity to maximize the potential of summer as the perfect season for educational innovation that shows students, teachers, and the wider world all that is possible for our young people.

- Gary Huggins, Chief Executive Officer, National Summer Learning Association

NSLA2012Conference 098

Monday's Pre-Conference Training Institute encouraged the top minds at the conference to connect and share ideas for developing better summer programs for their respective areas of influence. 

NSLA2012Conference 009
NSLA2012Conference 022

NSLA2012Conference 188 Attendees played engaging social activities to give them ideas for summer programming. 

NSLA2012Conference 309 Wednesday's morning session began with an introduction from a 6-year-old girl to enforce the idea that children are our future. 

NSLA2012Conference 354 Sandra M. Alberti, Director of Partnership Initiatives and Professional Development for Student Achievement Partners speaks about the development and importance of the Common Core State Standards

NSLA2012Conference 372 NSLA2012Conference 444 Conference sessions filled the day with a multitude of refreshing ideas for summer learning. 

NSLA2012Conference 462 NSLA2012Conference 478 An Awards Luncheon was held on Tuesday, honoring Excellence in Summer Learning. Among the winners were Ohio State LiFE Sports, United Way of Santa Barbara County's Fun in the Sun Initiative, and the GO Project of New York City

NSLA2012Conference 496 NSLA2012Conference 601 NSLA2012Conference 606 NSLA2012Conference 620 NSLA2012Conference 693 NSLA2012Conference 685 NSLA2012Conference 728 NSLA2012Conference 758

NSLA2012Conference 799 A relaxing social Welcome Reception was held at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture on Tuesday evening. 

NSLA2012Conference 772 NSLA2012Conference 796 NSLA2012Conference 803 NSLA2012Conference 801 NSLA2012Conference 816 - Version 2 NSLA2012Conference 904

On Wednesday morning, the program began with "Short Talks on Bright Ideas in Summer Learning." Kate Shatzkin, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the National Summer Learning Association introduced the speakers. 
NSLA2012Conference 926 NSLA2012Conference 952 NSLA2012Conference 936 NSLA_Verticals_01 NSLA2012Conference 908 NSLA2012Conference 888
NSLA2012Conference 963
NSLA2012Conference 1033

An engaging ice breaker game designed to promote physical activity in the classroom in the "Healthy Summers: Strategies to Promote Nutrition, Fitness, and Fun!" session led by Katie Willse, Senior Director of Community Initiatives for the National Summer Learning Association. 

NSLA2012Conference 1077 Set up for the Campfire Spirit Luncheon on Wednesday.

NSLA2012Conference 1108 The " 2012 Spirit Stick." 

NSLA2012Conference 1135 The Pittsburgh Public Schools' Summer Dreamers Academy Campers from the Marilyn G. Rabb Foundation's "Art Activism" program performed for conference attendees at the Campfire Spirit Luncheon on Wednesday. 

NSLA2012Conference 1143 NSLA2012Conference 1175 NSLA2012Conference 1224 Tables at the Campfire Spirit Luncheon competed fiercely for the 2012 Spirit Award. 

NSLA2012Conference 1210 Last year's spirit award honoree Grenae Dudley, President and CEO of The Youth Connection in Detroit, MI led the initiative to get attendees fired up. 

NSLA2012Conference 1229 Jennifer Hicks, the Technical Assistance Manager for Out of School Time at the Partnership for Children and Youth cheers wildly in an effort to have her table win the 2012 Spirit Award. NSLA2012Conference 1262 Jennifer Hicks and her spirited table win the 2012 Spirit Award, and she becomes the new Spirit Captain. She will will reign over the Spirit Stick until next year's conference.

NSLA2012Conference 1360

Coincidentally, Jennifer Hicks co-led the session "Building Community" right after the spirit luncheon with Katie Brackenridge, the Senior Director for Out of School Time Initiatives at the Partnership for Children and Youth in Oakland, CA. Pictured above are attendees having a blast in her high-energy session. 

NSLA2012Conference 1290 NSLA2012Conference 1367 NSLA2012Conference 1412 NSLA2012Conference 1417 NSLA2012Conference 1421 NSLA2012Conference 1435 NSLA_Verticals_02 Participants designed a roller coaster in the "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom...Designing a Roller Coaster (Balls & Tracks) S.T.E.M" session late Wednesday afternoon. 

NSLA2012Conference 1395

Save the Date for next year's National Conference on Summer Learning in Orlando, Florida! 

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Headshots with Point Park Actress Renee Rabenold November 2, 2012 - Oakland; Pittsburgh, PA

Renee Rabenold, a talented actress about to graduate from Point Park University, recently had BKP shoot new headshots for an upcoming audition.  She's an absolutely gorgeous girl with a very good imagination and knack for acting. I know this because she was very good at not acting like she was freezing the day we shot (even though it was borderline freezing) and she was in a short-sleeved shirt half the time. You can't even tell. Worth it! Don't you think? 


Renee2012Headshots 022

LOVE the shot above. 
ReneeVerticals_01 ReneeVerticals_04 ReneeVerticals_02

Renee2012Headshots 011 ReneeVerticals_05 Renee2012Headshots 063 ReneeVerticals_06

Renee2012Headshots 142 ReneeVerticals_07 IMG_5758

We mixed in a few funny shots to ensure we captured the true Renee... 
ReneeVerticals_08 Renee2012Headshots 162 ReneeVerticals_09 Renee2012Headshots 175 ReneeVerticals_10 ReneeVerticals_11 Renee2012Headshots 083 ReneeVerticals_12 Renee2012Headshots 209 ReneeVerticals_14
Our last shots of the day were taken outside of the Carnegie Library in Oakland just minutes before a rainstorm blew in. Needless to say, we ran to the car before freezing to death. But I think we got a ton of great images showcasing the many sides of Renee. 
© 2012 Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC
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BKP 2013 Album & Keepsake Lineup November 1, 2012 - Pittsburgh, PA

Gorgeous leather albums, linen coffee table books, keepsake boxes, and customized discs make their official debut for 2013! Here's a preview of these simply fun products. 

BKP_2013Products 001 We'll start with the Leather Mini Album - my absolute favorite photo product of all time!  They are 4"x4" leather albums, ordered in pairs, that provides a transportable mini version of your large wedding album. What makes them so great? They're super durable, include the same number of pages as your Leather Storybook Album (description below), and they fit nicely in your purse to easily share with friends! 

BKP_2013Products 006 BKP_2013Products 007 BKP_2013Products 008 BKP_2013Products 009 BKP_2013Products 010 BKP_2013Products 011 Next up: the delightful Keepsake Box: a 5"x7"x2" box for personal storage of any kind. A perfect place to store your garter, jewelry, handkerchief, or other special items from your wedding day. The exterior of the box is completely customized to match your style. 

BKP_2013Products 003

BKP_2013Products 024
BKP_2013Products 002

Speaking of customization - let's check out the disc you'll receive of your 400-600 professionally retouched, high-resolution digital images. This customized disc set is included in every wedding package we offer!

BKP_2013Products 013 BKP_2013Products 014 BKP_2013Products_V Our disc sets are beautifully designed to match the style of your complete order. Shown on the left, the disc set includes the same cover photo and style as the box for the Leather Storybook Album pictured on the right. 

BKP_2013Products 017 What better keepsake for your special day than a 10"x10" Leather Storybook Album? Including 30 storybook-thick pages, this album is sure to last. Especially when it comes with this rigid display box to keep it safe! 

BKP_2013Products 019

BKP_2013Products 018

BKP_2013Products 020 BKP_2013Products 022 BKP_2013Products 023 With every album, you get an opportunity to review the content before it goes to print. In addition, we also offer a Linen Coffee Table Book for the bride who wishes to have a thinner, lower-cost book with a high level of elegance. Available in the same 10"x10" size as the Leather Storybook Album, this book also includes 30 pages of content, printed on flexible photo pages. It is offered in the hardback linen cover texture, shown below. 

BKP_2013Products 028

BKP_2013Products_V2 BKP_2013Products 031 BKP_2013Products 030

We offer eight bold leather and linen colors for our album and book covers; seven of which are shown in a swatch set below. Our printing company recently added an eighth color, gray, to the lineup.

BKP_2013Products 005

I hope you enjoyed this product preview! Check in the coming weeks to see our new site updates, which will include a testimonial page, wedding and event investment information, our 2013 lineup, and our preferred vendors. 
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This Portrait Session has NOTHING To Do With Halloween October 26, 2012 - Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA

Last Friday was the most beautiful day of fall. Many of the trees had already turned but the weather was gorgeous - over 75 degrees! So, my friend Arvin Clay and I decided to shoot a fun portrait session in one of my new favorite places for portraits - Allegheny Cemetery. And no - this DOES NOT have anything to do with Halloween, and EVERYTHING to do with the beautiful fall scenery and Arvin's unique personality. 

Arvin is an amazing natural light photographer, with an emphasis in fashion-style photography. My goal with this shoot was to capture Arvin's artistic spirit, with shots that mimic his style of photography. I don't even think I came close - but I learned that it's fairly difficult to sacrifice your own style. Especially in the editing.

To see Arvin's simply fantastic photography work, check out Freeze Frame Reality.

ArvinCemetaryPortraits 022

arvinV ArvinCemetaryPortraits 035 ArvinCemetaryPortraits 043 ArvinCemetaryPortraits 038 ArvinCemetaryPortraits 029 arvinV2
ArvinCemetaryPortraits 032

© 2012 Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC

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October Schenley Adventure October 21, 2012 - Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA

I decided to bring the camera and a wide-angle lens with me on an autumn walk today with my future husband, Michael. Gorgeous day, gorgeous season.  

OctoberAdventure 010 OctoberAdventure 013

OctoberAdventure 002

OctoberAdventure 003

OctoberAdventure 005 OctoberAdventure 006 OctAdvVert

Props to Michael for shooting this super nice portrait of me. He should do more photography, right? He's really good at it.
OctoberAdventure 009

The trees on the right of the walkway must get less sun because their leaves are changing color faster than the exact same type of tree on the left side of the walkway. Interesting, and pretty.

OctoberAdventure 012 OctoberAdventure 011

Michael + Bridgett <3

© 2012 Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC

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Marlea's First Birthday at Trax Farms October 6, 2012 - Finleyville, PA

A first birthday. What a joyous occasion; especially at Trax Farms! Trax Farms consists of a pumpkin patch and a giant daily fall festival of seasonal selections designed to please the kids and entertain all ages. If you haven't been there, you should certainly make a point to get there before the season is through. It's huge! 

Miss Marlea celebrated her first birthday there this October, and what a fun party it was! Parents Renee and Lucas, along with their son River, were so delighted to host the celebration in the event room inside the market building.

Marlea1stBday 001

Marlea1stBday 202

The children decorated pumpkins, enjoyed some delicious food, and sang happy birthday to Marlea, who seemed to enjoy her candle more than the cake! 

Marlea1stBday 110

Marlea1stBday 113 Marlea1stBday 116

Marlea1stBday 134

The kids soon realized that they could use the decorations on their own faces, too!

Marlea1stBday 138

And yes, there were bales of hay that the kids loved to roll around in.  

Marlea_Vert02 Marlea looks so happy in this shot! 

Marlea1stBday 142 Renee tells me that Marlea just started walking a few weeks ago. Here she is practicing with her mom!


This gorgeous day was unexpected but welcomed, as the forecast called for rain all day - but it never came. 

Marlea1stBday 166 We all went on a hayride through Trax Farms and watched as people picked their pumpkins from the patch.

Marlea1stBday 178 River, Marlea's brother, sits with his grandmother in the front section of the hayride. 

Marlea1stBday 160 Marlea1stBday 180 Marlea1stBday 183

A great shot of Lucas, Renee, and Marlea on the hayride. 


Marlea1stBday 152

A group shot of some party-goers. 

Marlea1stBday 145

A very happy birthday to Marlea from Bridgett Kay Photography! 

(c) 2012 Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC

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California Vacation Part II - Across Northern Cali August 19 - 24, 2012 - San Francisco, California and Carmel, California

After our awesome week of lovely sights, hiking, boat riding, parasailing, and sightseeing in Tahoe, Michael and I took his grandmother Marilyn's car and traveled over to San Francisco for a night. We stayed on Fisherman's Wharf and did as much as we could do in one day. Then we stopped down in Cupertino to visit Apple on our way to Carmel. 

The trip from Tahoe to San Fran provided some interesting sights.  

California2012 348

Almost there!

California2012 345 California2012 365 Some steep streets in San Fran! 

California2012 424 California2012 412 Yes, we shared a delicious sundae at Ghirardelli's chocolate shop! 

California2012 395 Obviously, Michael shot this photo of me :) 

California2012 400 This is the view from the top of Lombard street! 

California2012 431 Cool music shop on Haite street!

California2012 447 California2012 452 Some sweet views this city has as a result of their insane elevations. 

California2012 463 Cali_V7

Our foggy view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

California2012 465 The other side of the Golden Gate Bridge was super clear!

California2012 471

There was obviously only one guy on this motorcycle...

California2012 492 My best friend in the whole world, and fiance Michael Winters. 

Cali_V4 We stopped down at Apple headquarters in Cupertino to see where it all happens!

California2012 485 Steve must have walked down this path a million times. He loved taking walks.

California2012 482

After Cupertino, we traveled down to Carmel, California and enjoyed some lovely sights of the Pacific coastline.

California2012 543

Wildflower coastline madness. I couldn't put my camera down!


California2012 531 California2012 541 I literally couldn't put my camera down! 

California2012 536 California2012 554 Our travels to Big Sur National Park!

California2012 557

Taking a quick rest from our hike up Big Suhr!

California2012 568 California2012 570 In Carmel, there were a ton of cute places but the weather was so terrible that I didn't get a lot of outdoor shots. Here's a fun window of a French restaurant. They stamped their bread with a "B" like when my mom used to sing me in her personal version of "Paddycake." "Paddycake, paddycake, baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can..." 

California2012 599

These cute pups were chasing each other around the beach like crazies... so cute! 

California2012 511

Even wildlife is totally unique on the west coast. These weird flowers reminded me of something you'd see in the City of Oz.

Cali_V5 California2012 517

There are SO many more great photos to show you - but I can't put them all in the blog! My blogs are too long as it is... If you'd like to view the full online gallery featuring our trip to California, visit the full online gallery here:

(c) 2012 Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC

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California Vacation Part I - Lake Tahoe August 12 - 18, 2012 - Lake Tahoe, California

Hello everyone! Whew it's been a long time since my last post; however - I've begun my new contract with Whirl Magazine and have been shooting events for them almost every day! It's been a blast meeting all the best people at the hottest events around Pittsburgh!

So get ready for the October Blogfest. It begins with a recap of my trip to California this August. The trip was a two-week adventure that began with a week in Lake Tahoe with the Winters' family (my soon-to-be family-in-law), and another week with my future husband Michael traveling along the northwest coast of Cali.

And so it all began at Michael's grandparents home that's snuggled on the shore of Carnelian Bay at Lake Tahoe. 

California2012 220

California2012 285

This was the second time I've been able to travel to Lake Tahoe, and let me say - it's the most breathtaking place in the world. Even when there are clouds in the sky... which is not very often.

California2012 015 At night, you can see every star in the sky.

California2012 210

A native Steller's Jay nibbles on some snacks we gave him. 

California2012 023 This is Theliah. She is Michael's grandmother Marilyn's cute little Dachshund dog with di-chormatic eyes and a very chilled out personality. 

California2012 036 California2012 057 We made a trip up to the old gold mining town Virginia City.

California2012 076 We took a tour of an old mine and saw some cool artifacts from the harsh days of coal mining. I can't even imagine dealing with real dynamite. You remember what happened to Arzt, right? 

California2012 118 Candy store! 

California2012 107 So the next day we were treated to a morning of parasailing by Michael's grandma Marilyn. I loved the gorgeous view of the lake from that high up - which by the way - was 800 feet above the water! 

California2012 152 Oh yeah - and Marilyn decided to join Dan on a parasail ride as well - at 83 years old! 

California2012 175 I think she truly loved it... 

California2012 186 California2012 217 Clear Tahoe skies with the bright sun reflecting off of the lake. 

California2012 227 California2012 248 This is Michael, Dan, me (Bridgett), and Harry hanging out up at the tea house on an island in Emerald Bay. We had to swim over to the island from the boat and climb up the mountain to get there. Very cool. 

California2012 277 The entrance to Emerald Bay. 

California2012 253 A shore view of the island in Emerald Bay.

California2012 261 (left) Michael and his mom, Arlene. (right) Richard, Tom, and Michael Winters. 


Hiking above Lake Tahoe.

California2012 289

This shot was taken at THE BEST breakfast place ever called South Pine Cafe in Nevada City, California. Pictured here are the best friends and family that anyone could ever ask for! 

California2012 331 Our friend Jesse (left) and Michael's cousin Shemariah with her chihuahuas (right).


Dylan Simmons knows what's up.

California2012 316

This marks the end of Part I of the trip! Stay tuned for Part II - when we travel to San Francisco & Carmel, California! 

If you'd like to view the full online gallery featuring our trip to California, visit the full online gallery here: 

(c) 2012 Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC

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