GTECH Social Entrepreneurship Lunch

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Monday, July 9, 2012 - The Waffle Shop, East Liberty

This past Monday, GTECH Strategies hosted a Social Entrepreneurship Lunch at The Waffle Shop. But we didn't have waffles - we ate some *delicious* food catered by Square Cafe.

That awesome salad right there absolutely rocked my world. Seemed to be a favorite among the guests, too.

Aside from lunch and networking, a panel of young entrepreneurs from Pittsburgh were asked to speak on behalf of their small businesses startups, which are all fairly new in the Pittsburgh region.

Our facilitator, Justine Kasznica, attorney, adjunct professor, and Executive Director of the Innovation Practice Institute (IPI) at Pitt School of Law, introduced the panel and asked some tough questions about their businesses.

Rebecca Gilbert founded Yummy Plants, a start-up internet community providing education and support for plant-based food choices.

Ian Rosenberger is CEO and President of Thread, a company dedicated to turning trash into jobs and useful items. Ian is also well known for founding Team Tassy, a foundation that identifies, saves, and then mentors dying Haitian children whose access to life-saving medical procedures has been cut off due to poverty, the earthquake, or both.

Sherree Goldstein spoke about her experience as the owner/operator of Square Cafe, of which I highly recommend! Sherree also serves on the board of Power, an organization that provides support to women with substance abuse issues, among other missions. 

Alecia Shipmen is the cofounder of Dream Cream Ice Cream, dedicated to supporting education environments and removing barriers that prohibit individuals from pursuing their goals. 

Audience members, in this case Andrew Butcher, CEO of GTECH Strategies, were encouraged to participate and ask questions of the panel. GTECH stands for "Growth Through Energy & Community Health", and is a non-profit social enterprise investing in community revitalization through green economic development initiatives.

Andrew closed the session with some big thank-you's to the event sponsors and final remarks.

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