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You're hosting an event, and you're looking for a photography vendor that captures the essence of the event in a way that shows off all of your hard work.

That's where I come in.

I'm Bridgett, and I'm the owner of Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC. My husband and I relocated to San Jose, CA in April 2014, so I packed the business and brought it along with us.

The portfolio images on this site were taken at special events in Pittsburgh over the past three years. I've been photographing events (along with over 120 weddings) for seven years, total.

Corporate and community social events are my specialty, for example: conventions, fundraisers, banquets, galas, reunions, holiday parties - you name it.

My most notable clients include Reed Smith, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, The Mattress Factory Museum, Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and WHIRL Magazine. See the full list on the Notable Clients page.

Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC promotes the success of your event by providing candid, vibrant visuals that elevate your brand’s image.

As for deliverables: simplicity is key. You receive professionally retouched high-resolution digital images. These images are delivered digitally via Dropbox. Share photos easily on your website or favorite social media outlet with a set of web-ready files, also included.

I strive to be the eyes and ears at your event, capturing and preserving influential presentations, group portraits, and the precious, unexpected moments that make each event unique.




Where I hang my hat:

North San Jose, CA. Recently relocated from Pittsburgh, PA.



Bachelor of Arts from Point Park University, 2008.

Major: Cinema and Digital Arts; Minor: Advertising and Public Relations.


In a past life:

I was a video producer at a production company in Pittsburgh called Mind Over Media. Our main client was Penn State University, and my largest project was a TV show for the Big Ten Network called "Medicine in Blue and White," which won a Telly award in 2011. Since college I've also produced, shot, and edited many HDSLR video side projects, which you can see on my Vimeo page. See my full resume on LinkedIn.


My Claim to Fame:

My fascination with the Singularity. I've read lots of books on the topic, and hope to contribute positively to humanity's technological future.  


When I'm Not Working: 

I'm probably still working - I'm never bored. But I do love to bike, practice yoga, dance, sunbathe, go to the beach, eat delicious food, and watch certain series' on Netflix or HBO like House of Cards, LOST, Silicon Valley, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Cosmos. 


Personal Heroes:

Ray Kurzeweil (computer scientist, inventor, futurist, author of "The Singularity is Near" and "How to Create a Mind")  and Peter Diamandis (engineer, physician, entrepreneur, futurist, optimist, author of "Abundance"). Both are co-founders of Singularity University. 


Handy skill: 

Writing messages in greeting cards.


I Could Never Have Too Much:

Ice cream, particularly Bruster's Chocolate Oreo, which combines the two most delicious substances known to man. Or anything chocolate with other chunks of chocolate or sprinkles mixed in.


An Item Off My Bucket List:

Watching an Earthrise (like a sunrise, but seen while visiting another celestial object)


Irrational Fear:

Nuclear war. Unlikely, but always possible. I hope to own a bomb shelter someday.


If I Could Fill an Entire Room with One Thing, What Would it Be? 

The top thinkers on earth who are working toward building a more sustainable future for humanity using exponential technologies. I'd want it to be a social event that brings great minds together.


Window or Aisle Seat?

Window seat for sure. If I'm flying with my husband, Michael, then he can have the window and I'll take the middle. 


Name a Song on My "Soundtrack to Life"

"Make Yourself" by Incubus