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The Private Gardens of Pittsburgh

July 03, 2012  •  1 Comment

June 24, 2012 - Private Gardens in Shadyside and Squirrel Hill

For 15 years, Pittsburgh Botanic Garden has been hosting a tour of the best private (and public) gardens in the area called the "Town and Country Garden Tour". This year, garden owners from the East End neighborhoods impressed participants with their creative garden designs.

Registration 015

The day started off with registration at CMU.


Garden1 059

Garden 1 was a dual exhibit. The Weiss home, a L.E.E.D certified building, was open for both indoor and outdoor tours of their environmentally-friendly masterpiece.

Garden1 049 Garden1 030 Garden1 042


Garden2 090

Garden 2, located on Beacon street, has a variety of lovely spaces that exhibit a great sense of symmetry and color differentiation.

Garden2 086 Garden2 072

GARDEN 3Garden3 092

Garden 3 takes the cake for my favorite garden of the tour, for many reasons. You can really tell this garden gets lots of love. It's simple, peaceful beauty overwhelms you as you walk through the spaces, and there is a wide differentiation of greenery, including flowers and edibles alike!

Garden3 094

Garden3 153 Garden3 143 Garden3 142 Garden3_Portraits Garden3 134 Garden3 113

Garden3 132

Garden3 130 Garden3 122 Garden3n6_Portraits The photo on the left here is from Garden #6, featuring a cute metal frog that really adds personality to the home. The photo on the right is from Garden #3.


Garden4 192 Garden 4 is nestled in the Chatham "suburbs," and covered quite a large area. 

Garden4 165 Garden tourists were very knowledgeable on the subject of gardening, but still had a lot of questions for the garden owners.

Garden4 180

Garden4_Portraits Garden4 160 Garden4 161 GARDEN 5

Garden5 212 Garden 5 was also located in the Chatham area, featuring an outdoor herb garden.

Garden5 200 Garden5 207 Garden 5 was everyone's envy due to the fantastic entertainment space and outdoor kitchen!

Garden5 205 Garden5 223 GARDEN 6

Garden6 239 We were a little rushed through the tour of this garden, it did feature this awesome sphere fountain.

Lunch 249 Kitty Vegley, Director of Development for Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, spoke during lunch at the Pittsburgh Golf Club about plans for the development the actual Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, to be constructed on land near the Southern end of Settler's Cabin County Park.


Garden7 309 A lovely little colorful, well-organized backyard paradise is the best way to describe Garden 7.

Garden7 306 _Garden7 300 Garden7 292 Garden7 311 This garden owner had every single plant documented in an excel spreadsheet, organized by both plant type, and location.


Garden8 370 I really want to live here someday. This is Garden 8, which was first designed and built in the 1960s by Margaret Winters, features a pool inside of a garden paradise, with numerous porches, tiers, and even a private wooded area. 

Garden8 368 Garden8 364

GARDEN 9Garden9 383 The Hillman House from the back yard (Garden 9). This place smells so wonderful from all the flowers growing everywhere.

Garden9 381 Everyone LOVED this little playhouse - the most well-constructed children's playhouse I've ever seen. If I was a little girl, I would be so excited to play in here! It was even exciting as an adult.

Garden9 378 _Garden9 395 Garden9_Portraits

Garden9 414 This area was so aromatic. There was lavender growing behind me.

Garden9 418

GARDEN 10Garden10 434

Some of these gardens were built on steep hills in a terraced fashion, making you wonder how they ever climbed up there and planted everything!  I'm very impressed. 

Garden11 464

GARDEN 11Garden11 445 GARDEN 12

Garden12 486

Garden12 481 Garden12 476 Garden12_13_Portraits GARDEN 13

Garden13 536 Garden13 527 Garden13 517 A volunteer talks to garden tourists about the plans for the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

Garden13 504 Garden14 565 GARDEN 14

Garden14 539

That's right - Mellon Park's Walled Garden was Garden 14!
Garden14 564

Garden14 559 Garden14 552 Garden14 550 Kudos to this gentleman, who was involved in the construction of the Mellon Park Walled Garden in memory of his daughter who was killed at a young age by a drunk driver. It's wonderful to see him add to the beauty of this garden with his love for his daughter.

Garden14 569 GARDEN 15

Garden15 606 Garden 15 was another terraced garden, but showed off a more unique variety of flowers - much like those above. I've never seen that type of flower before in my life.

Garden15 605 Over the years, this tree grew over this trellis and creates a perfectly shaded porch area. Love it.

Garden15 599 Garden15 580 Garden15 598 Garden15 584 Garden15 610

If you could touch the leaves of this plant, you'd feel something similar to fleece. Yes, these plants were fuzzy. Very cool.

View the full gallery or purchase digital versions or prints here.

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