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Jody + Sean: Hyeholde Restaurant & The Round Room

November 21, 2013  •  4 Comments

September 21, 2013 - Moon Township, PA


Do you remember, the 21st night of September? It was perhaps the luckiest wedding day anyone could ever have due to the extensive downpours of rain throughout the day - but my dear friends Jody and Sean didn't let a little rain stop them from having the time of their lives! It was absolutely a night to remember (and, that Earth, Wind, & Fire song "September" was their very appropriate reception entrance song!)  

There are so many elements that made this day special. First and foremost, the venue, Hyeholde Restaurant & The Round Room, provided top-notch service and picturesque scenery (it looks like a castle). The rich backstory of this historic landmark, built in 1927, makes it an opportune location for a marriage celebration. Upbeat Entertainment kept the dance floor moving, and Cakes By Tammy created their lovely wedding cake. Jody's hair was done by Salon La-Te-Da, and flowers were provided by Dormont Floral Designs.

I've known Jody for roughly the entire time I've considered myself a professional photographer. Our relationship began in 2007 when I interned in the Corporate Communications department at PNC Bank in downtown Pittsburgh. I first met Sean during an outing w/Jody to Molly Brannigan's in Mt. Lebanon - back when Jody was still crushing on him. The two of them have dated ever since, and I believe it to be a very successful match! I am so happy to call both Jody and Sean my close friends, and look forward to celebrating our wedding anniversaries roughly 1 month apart for the rest of our lives! 

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Congratulations to Jody & Sean. May you enjoy a marriage full of happiness, peace, understanding, love, and endless luck! 

Vendor Recap:

Venue: Hyeholde Restaurant & The Round Room

DJ: Upbeat Entertainment

Cake: Cakes By Tammy 

Salon: Salon La-Te-Da

Flowers: Dormont Floral Designs

© 2013 Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC


Bridgett Kay Photography
Joe - You're right - Jody was absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day. I am so happy that they were able to share these photos with you! I hope you are well, and that I run into you again at an event or around the city! Take care!
Bridgett Kay Photography
Alexis - you still sound like the wonderful sweet person from a few years ago when we were able to chat all the time at work. I am so glad that you were able to see these photos and witness the joy in Jody and Sean's wedding day. Despite the weather and the last minute change of ceremony venue, these two glowed with love for each other! I am so glad they are together. I hope you are well, and I miss you! I wish you and your family the best that the holidays can bring!
Alexis S-W(non-registered)
I'm sentimental, so I love the shot of you two during the vows laughing and smiling, the joy of kids who got the love they always wanted all to themselves suddenly and forever. I also love both the wide shot and the close-up of you two under the umbrella and the stone arch, and the big one of you two cheek to cheek; I can't even say how beautiful that is.

It's clear from the party photos that everyone had a good time, but more clear in all the pictures is how much you and Sean really love each other. It chokes me up because love is such a beautiful thing.
Joe Balaban(non-registered)
Jody, you look beautiful. It's clear that you and Sean are having the time of your lives. Congratulations!
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