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Ashley + Rob: The Studio on Fifth

December 17, 2013  •  3 Comments

October 19, 2013 - Downtown Pittsburgh, PA


I have known Ashley and Rob for many years - as well as Ashley's entire family it seems! Believe it or not, I actually saw my first concert EVER (N'Sync) with Ashley at Starlake Ampitheater many years ago! Of course I was actually attending with her cousin, Elizabeth Elias (my best friend at the time), but the whole Cycak family was there. Back in November 2008, I had the privilege to capture video at Ashley's sister (Lauren)'s wedding, which gave way to Lauren's son, Ryan, being the ring bearer at Ashley & Rob's wedding (the cute 2-year old).

Although Ashley wasn't dating Rob at the time of the concert, I do know that these two have been together for a very, very long time (~11 years!) They met in 10th grade through a mutual friend (at our high school in Greensburg, Hempfield Area Senior High School), but went in different directions until senior year when the two crossed paths again. After they both graduated, Ashley and Rob began to date and have been together ever since! 

Ashley and Rob would like to thank all of their family and friends who have played an important part in making their beautiful wedding day come together! Now they are finally married - and I had the privilege to photograph the occasion! The day began in a room at the Westin Hotel and Convention Center in Downtown Pittsburgh. 

2013-12-12_00132013-12-12_0013www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00012013-12-12_0001www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00022013-12-12_0002www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00032013-12-12_0003www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00042013-12-12_0004www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00052013-12-12_0005www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00062013-12-12_0006www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00072013-12-12_0007www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00082013-12-12_0008www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00092013-12-12_0009www.bridgettkay.com

Lauren's son, Ryan, served as the Ring Bearer - so cute!  2013-12-12_00102013-12-12_0010www.bridgettkay.com

2013-12-12_00112013-12-12_0011www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00122013-12-12_0012www.bridgettkay.com

Father of the Bride, Jack Cycak, reviews the day's itinerary.  2013-12-12_00142013-12-12_0014www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00152013-12-12_0015www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00162013-12-12_0016www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00172013-12-12_0017www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00182013-12-12_0018www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00192013-12-12_0019www.bridgettkay.com

A lovely shot of Rob with his mother, Cindy.  2013-12-12_00202013-12-12_0020www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00212013-12-12_0021www.bridgettkay.com

For the wedding ceremony, we made our way to Smithfield United Church of Christ (a gorgeous venue), just a few blocks away.  2013-12-12_00232013-12-12_0023www.bridgettkay.com

Ashley and Jack looking great as they make their way up the aisle.  2013-12-12_00222013-12-12_0022www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00242013-12-12_0024www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00252013-12-12_0025www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00262013-12-12_0026www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00272013-12-12_0027www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00282013-12-12_0028www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-18_00012013-12-18_0001www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00312013-12-12_0031www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00322013-12-12_0032www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00332013-12-12_0033www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00342013-12-12_0034www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00382013-12-12_0038www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00362013-12-12_0036www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00352013-12-12_0035www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00372013-12-12_0037www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00392013-12-12_0039www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00402013-12-12_0040www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00422013-12-12_0042www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00412013-12-12_0041www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00432013-12-12_0043www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00442013-12-12_0044www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00452013-12-12_0045www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00462013-12-12_0046www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00472013-12-12_0047www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00482013-12-12_0048www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00492013-12-12_0049www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00502013-12-12_0050www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00512013-12-12_0051www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00522013-12-12_0052www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00532013-12-12_0053www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00542013-12-12_0054www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00552013-12-12_0055www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00562013-12-12_0056www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00582013-12-12_0058www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00572013-12-12_0057www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00592013-12-12_0059www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00602013-12-12_0060www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00612013-12-12_0061www.bridgettkay.com

At Lauren's wedding in 2008, the Cycak family showed me how to REALLY do a money dance - and didn't fail to disappoint at Ashley's wedding! Ashley was surrounded by family and friends as Rob attempted to push through the crowd to get to his bride. What a fun tradition!   2013-12-12_00622013-12-12_0062www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-17_00012013-12-17_0001www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00652013-12-12_0065www.bridgettkay.com 2013-12-12_00662013-12-12_0066www.bridgettkay.com

I am so happy to continue capturing memories for the Cycaks as their family grows. A HUGE shootout to Mona, Jack, Lauren, & Chris for being so gracious and wonderful every time we're together! And the BIGGEST shootout to Ashley & Rob: I love you both dearly, and wish you a lifetime of luck and happy memories! 


Ceremony Venue: Smithfield United Church of Christ

Reception Venue: Studio on Fifth (WQED)

Photography: Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC

Cake: Grandma's Bakery at Schramm's

DJ: Ian Coyle (DJ Cai): 724-681-5429

Hair/Makeup: Glamour Girls

Bride's Hair: Kim Kent of 1st Impressions

Dress Shop: Alfred Angelo

Florist: Brides and Butterflies

Wedding Coordinator: Caristia, owned by Cara Svetkovich


© 2013 Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC


Bridgett- We are thrilled with the picture!! We could not be happier. Thanks to you all for capturing our day perfectly!!
Bridgett Kay Photography
Thanks, Anthony! You were a fabulous second photographer for them. You captured their gorgeous cake beautifully!
Anthony W(non-registered)
Turned out great Bridgett! It was fun working this wedding with you. Pics turned out great. Hope Ashley and Rob enjoy them as much as I do!
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