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How long have you been photographing events? 

Seven years - since 2007. I got started during an internship at PNC Bank's Corporate Communications program. They asked me to start covering the company's corporate events, and from there, I began taking outside clients. Since then, I've shot 120 weddings, and haven't counted how many special events I've done, but I shot over 130 just for one client (WHIRL Magazine) in 2013. So, hundreds.  


What type of cameras and equipment do you use? 

I'm a Canon girl, using a 5D Mark III as my primary camera, and a Canon 7D as a secondary camera. I am brand loyal to Canon when it comes to lenses, and all of my primary lenses are L series glass.


Do you bring backup equipment with you in case of a malfunction? 

Yes! I will always bring both of my camera bodies to every event, as well as an array of lenses that overlap in focal length to cover me in the event of an emergency. As for cards, I bring plenty and record your images to 2 cards at the same time to have a backup, just in case there's a card error. 


Name a song on the "soundtrack of your life."

"Make Yourself" by Incubus


You could never have too many